Why We Buy Houses in Stockton, Washington

“If you’re ready to get out and explore the big city, maybe you should think about buying a home in Stockton.” That’s from the website of the Stockton Post Retirement Living Center. It’s one of those statements with big emphasis that seems too good to be true. Is it?
“Successfully selling a home without any bumps along the way is a definite dream for all homeowners seeking to move on with their lives. Perhaps you would like to take a smaller house on a smaller lot so you can travel the county or have a family. Whatever the scenario, Frank buys houses in Stockton with the best of them: no hidden surprises and nothing but the best for their families.” Sounds like a pretty good place to buy a home – or at least that’s what the ads say. Is it?
Frankly, it is hard to imagine that there are too many foreclosed houses in Stockton for the market to support a glut of homes. If that were the case however, then surely the Board of Supervisors would fix that problem by allowing foreclosures on unceded property. Apparently they don’t think that would be a good idea because it gives the lender’s a chance to come after their principal. So how could they possibly allow foreclosures on unceded property – which by the way is still under the mortgage contract after all – if the law of demand and need apply? Is it just because they want to collect cash from the poor souls who bought into the hype or is there really something wrong here?
For starters, the fact that this is a traditional way to purchase a home shows a certain lack of understanding of the real estate market. There was a time when the only real option for investors to purchase a home was to use the conventional methods of flipping a piece of property, fixing it up and selling it for a nice profit to an eager buyer. Nowadays we buy houses in Stockton because we need a house, and we really need one with all the right repairs in order to be livable – we don’t want to be stuck living in a house with code violations and water damage that take years to get fixed. And we certainly don’t want to pay cash for a house that we think we could have gotten for half the price with a little work.
we buy houses stockton, because it is cheap. It used to be that the only way to find houses in prime locations was to hire a contractor to do the repairs for you, haul the debris for the yard, mow the grass, and so on. But the Internet has revolutionized the way we do business, and we can leverage the power of the web to find properties at prices that would be hard to find anywhere else. We buy houses in Stockton because we like the people, the vibe, and the atmosphere of this quaint northern town – we just happen to be buying real estate transactions that will earn us more in a few short years than we could have realized by hiring a contractor to do all the repairs on our own.
We buy houses in Stockton, because they are located so close to major highways and state parks that we can enjoy easy travel time with our families. And we buy houses in Stockton, because it’s easy to commute to the downtown areas of our communities, and easy to live our lives even if we have to walk some distance. We buy houses in Stockton because the prices are reasonable, and since they are situated so close to everything, we don’t ever have to worry about having to sacrifice having a nice backyard or patio to have a place to relax. We buy houses in Stockton because the schools are great, the grocery store is nearby, and we like the fact that we aren’t far from the many entertainment venues that are located nearby either. We buy houses in Stockton, because there is no other place in the Pacific Northwest that quite like it.