Slatted roof (lameldak) designed by companies trained by fit-for-the-job workers

The process of beautifying your home can be achieved by constructing a lamellendaken. This construction will allow you to finish your home within your local community.

This construction process allows for efficient beautification which improves the appeal of your home. Louvered ceilings are a guarantee of the positioning of your house.

Roof construction

Thanks to their construction process, the Louvered roofs (lamellendaken) guarantee a good view of your house. You will enjoy the benefits of a sunny and dry outdoor space.

This construction guarantees a good result and efficiency in your home. The louvered roofing (lamellendak) will ensure that your home has a perfect climate and environment.

Companies that offer this type of service are skilled and efficient in their respective areas. The materials they use have excellent quality which allows for more efficient and long-lasting work.

Sun invest’s specialization ensures the best functionality in their services. The employees of this company are professionals and highly skilled.

This construction process is executed to provide your home with excellent equity effectiveness. Your home will benefit from modern aesthetics and efficiency thanks to the slat roofs.


A slatted roofing (lameldak), can bring many benefits to your home. A pleasant outdoor environment can be created by improving its aesthetics. This will increase tranquility.

Thanks to their construction, they are insulating ceilings both in high and low temperatures. Fire protection is 100% effective and free from problems. It eliminates unwanted and annoying noises.

The disassembly process is extremely simple and easy to do inside your home. This is a crucial factor if you are looking to change your home’s style or renovation. This is a simple and fast mechanism. You simply need to remove the screws and modify your preference.

You can also choose from a range of beautiful designs. The process of adaptation to our tastes is extremely important in its construction, which guarantees effectiveness within your home.